Site-specific, sites of mourning, sacred sites, non-sites, colonial, contested, original, communal, private, interior, condemned, celebrated, and off-limits. Audio here explores physical space as well as mental, historical, and speculative sites. 
Selected currents and waves programs themed around notions of site:
Locus Sonus Series, Live-Streaming Sites from Nature in the Pacific Rim, 55min each
Locus Sonus is a research laboratory in audio in arts, created in 2005 at the Aix en Provence School of arts (Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Aix en Provence, France) by Peter Sinclair, project director, and Jerome Joy, who has to lead the project since its inception. Locus Sonus is a research group whose main aim is to explore the ever-evolving relationship between sound, place, and usage. The Locustream project is a network of open microphones who permanently stream their surrounding soundscape all over the world. Recorded live-streamed locations include Jasper Ridge National Park in California, USA, Naracoorte Caves in Southern Australia, Georo Village on Jeju Island, South Korea, The Rainforest Canopy at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve in Queensland, Australia, and the Shiga Nature Education Park, Shiga Heights, Nagano, Otamono, Japan. One can also listen live to a variety of locations visit the Locus Sonus Stream:
Embodiment, Foreshore Listens Audio Zine, Stacey Ho, 36min
In the words of zine creator Stacey Ho, "In developing this podcast I return to thinking about the body as it is situated within histories and power structures that include entities such as the land, plants, animals, and other human beings. The continuous exchange between the personal and the social flows through the point of the body. For me, it is important to consider how queer, speculative, and collective gestures enacted by the body can move toward accessibility and justice, or as Denise Ferreira Da Silva phrases it “nothing less than the end of the world as we know it, which is decolonization”. The voice may be understood as a sonic manifestation of the body. Outwardly, it carries and transmits knowledge through oral, musical, vernacular, and narrative traditions. However, the voice is also breath, involuntary noise, and the silence through which you can hear a heartbeat."
Singing Iceberg, C. Muller, V. Schlindwein, A. Eckstaller, H. Miller, 3min
A fascinating recording that was made by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine research. Scientists Christian Muller, Vera Schlindwein, Alfons Eckstaller and Heinrich Miller. These four recorded an amazing song from an iceberg in Antarctica. The soundwaves from the iceberg had a frequency of around .5 hertz, too low to be heard by humans, but when played at a higher speed and human ears can hear, the results are profound. Scientists found a 50 by 20-kilometer iceberg had collided with an underwater peninsula and was slowly scraping it around, water pushes through the ice and peninsula crevasses and tunnels at high pressure and the song begins. For more information about this recording visit:
And the Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were In It, Myra Al-Rahim, 14min
Constellations is a sound art and experimental narrative collective that illuminates international artists making sound works that convey meaning through evocation and abstraction. Constellations is curated by Jess Shane and Michelle Macklem. In Myra's words, "I wanted to explore the idea of broken sounds. I certainly feel as if many of the clips I used sustained a good amount of abuse throughout the process of creating the piece. Time, specifically, the past, also plays a central role in this piece. I wanted to cast the Past as this penetrative force that was breaking in and colonizing the present moment, preventing the course of progress into the future. My goal was to achieve a state where the space-time continuum had effectively ruptured and all the ghosts of history, uninhibited by the walls protecting the flow of progress, would come to haunt the present we occupy."
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