blue cabin.

Thursdays on currents and waves feature Blue Cabin content. From experimental jazz by longtime cabin resident Al Neil to a song playlist dedicated to the ocean, learn about past artist residencies at the cabin, the history of the foreshore in North Vancouver and False Creek and the fascinating world of Musqueam, Squamish and Tslail-Waututh Indigenous weaving.
Selected currents and waves programs that run on Blue Cabin Thursdays:
We Call You to Witness, Foreshore Listens Audio Zine, Vanessa Campbell, 48min
For this audio zine Vanessa Campbell used the witnessing part of Musqueam ceremony to call each listener to open their mind and heart to the responsibility of remembering, recalling and recounting the words and stories they hear collected. Selections have been made from the important projects and reflections presented during the Foreshore Sessions thinking about the significance of indigenous languages and oral history. For millennia, the histories and cultural embodiment and expression of our people have been communicated strictly through an oral tradition. The Musqueam speakers in this recording are all new language learners, and newly connecting with the rich repository of tradition and heritage carried by the language itself. 

Foreshore Audio Response, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, 1min
In his words, Bracken Hanuse Corlett states the following about his Foreshore Audio response, "My piece as you probably noticed was a bit of a meandering stream. Things that were on my mind. The feeling of being submerged. Finding comfort in what might be interpreted as drowning. There is some interplay between hopelessness and looking forward. The Upcoming Colten Boushie decision was and is heavy in my mind. I was thinking about practice with trauma at or near its core. How much of that trauma to show or keep. Thinking back to my talk and how exposed I felt. Thinking about keeping my work in continuum with those who fought to keep our art and ceremony alive before and after the potlatch ban. Knowing that I work in a form that can be driven by commodification and finding my place of survival outside of that. The feeling of wanting to recoil, retreat, and pullbacks."
Talking Trees: Trees, Art and Social Change, 1h25min
The Talking Trees Series took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney Australia in the spring of 2019. Inspired by 'Janet Laurence: After Nature' exhibition at the MCA, this talk series brings together artists, researchers, scientists and advocates to exchange and discover new ideas around one of the most fundamental elements of the natural world: trees. Talking Trees explores what trees can teach us about time, language democracy, fragility, social action, and artistic expression. The program has been organized in collaboration with Dr. Dalia Nassar (University of Sydney), Prof Margaret Barbour (University of Sydney), Sydney Policy Lab, the MCA, and Janet Laurence. Trees, art and Social Change was originally Broadcast on June 2, 2019. How has art played a role in environmental movements, and what role could it play in stirring the pot today? Art has long played an important role in inspiring social and political reflection. Listen to an artist, activist and a politician in examining art that has shaped our understanding of ourselves and the world, honing in on key environmental moments in history. This event was hosted by Amanda Tattersall, founder of Sydney Alliance, who was joined by Bob Brown, Latai Taumoepeau and Janet Laurence. Presented as a part of Conversation Starters 2019: Temperature Rising, a weekend of art, discussion and action.

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