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Covering much terrain, the audio found here explores such topics as, Captain Cook's arrival, birth, death, pollination, tidal predictions, harbour symphonies, stories, dreams and all states in between. Arrivals/departures can be heard on Mondays on currents and waves. 

download the Monday - arrivals/departures schedule 
Selected currents and waves arrivals/departures audio programs:

Tidal Predictions: Narvaez Bay (2012), Mark Timmings,  14min
A musical piece composed by Stephen Morris and Mark Timmings and performed by the Saturna Island Community Choir. Tidal predictions is part of the Tide Songbook, a compilation of musical compositions that map Canada’s coastline by transforming tidal dynamics into illuminated scores and multilayered performance. The rhythmic rise and fall of ocean levels, the inhaling and exhaling breath, the conjuring of a universe in constant flux.

Salmon Returns, 1h5min
An audio program focusing on the essential role of wild salmon cultures and environments on Vancouver Island and surrounds, featuring voices from Snuneymuxw territory (Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada) and Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw territory (Broughton Archipelago, British Columbia Canada). Presented works are by Xuls'malt Gary Manson and Jenni Schine. Curated by Jesse Birch. 

Distance Dialogues, Alanna Ho & Alexandra Spence, 46min
Originally an audiovisual installation, Distance Dialogues explores voice message correspondence between two women (allie & affie) living on opposite continents (Australia & North America). The dialogues play out as an exploration and re-imagination of feminine identity, gender, sexuality, and the female voice. 

That Spiraling Place, Sam Leeds (from Constellations Series), 3min
Constellations is a sound art and experimental narrative collective that illuminates international artists making sound works that convey meaning through evocation and abstraction. Constellations is curated by Jess Shane and Michelle Macklem. That Spiraling Place investigates the intersection of escape and bearing witness. Sam Leeds in the making of this work kept coming back to the saying "wherever you go, there you are." 

Call of Home, Leanne Tobin (interview), 5min
Future is Floating Artist Leanne Tobin shares insight into a past public art project entitled Call of Home. This project fused digital design with Indigenous storytelling and artisanal glassblowing. The narrative that the installation projects is that of the fascinating transformation and migration of eels along the Western Coast of Australia. 

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