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fraser estuary radio

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Fraser Estuary Radio is an immersive radio program to raise awareness of the estuary's cultural and ecological significance. The program showcases content from scientific research, art projects, recreational activities, and activist involvement sourced from diverse stakeholders with a vested interest in the estuary.


One of the program's core elements is the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge, highlighting the community's ongoing stewardship and deep connection to the water. The program acknowledges the ongoing historical and cultural importance of the estuary to the Indigenous communities.


Fraser Estuary Radio is designed to offer a unique and captivating experience for its listeners. Creative soundscapes enable the voices of various estuarine inhabitants, such as orcas, salmon, migrating birds, plants, and insect populations, to be heard, providing a deeper understanding of the diverse life thriving in this ecosystem.


Scheduled to air weekly on Tuesdays throughout 2023-2024, Fraser Estuary Radio will be a valuable platform for exploring the ecological and cultural significance of the estuary. By listening to the program, audiences can develop a deeper appreciation for the estuary's beauty, its importance to many local communities, and the critical need for its conservation.

Download the Tuesday - Fraser Estuary  broadcast schedule 

Fraser Estuary Radio was curated by UBC Fraser Estuary Research Collective Sustainability Scholar, Viola Provost, over the summer of 2023. Provost is a German-Canadian researcher and interdisciplinary artist. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia in the Business, Technology, and Sustainability (BST) Lab, researching the influences of Environmental Communication on Social Media. Viola’s work embraces the nexus of science, technology, and art, with a profound dedication to fostering co-creative dialogues between science and society.




Project Partners and Supporters: 

Foreshore Immersive and Fraser Estuary Radio are supported by the Partnership Recognition and Exploration Fund from the University of British Columbia and the Canada Council for the Arts. Project partners include UBC Fraser Estuary Research Collaborative, Branscombe House Artist Residency and Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency.

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