A powerful collection fo songs, stories and sounds.
Selected currents and waves resilience programs:
Working With and from Within Community - Great Ocean Dialogues, 33min
This session of Great Ocean Dialogues features Taloi Havini, Sarah Hunt, Jaymyn La Vallee, Carol McGregor, Faith Sparrow and is moderated by Sarah Biscara Dilley. Within discourses of reconciliation, much has been discussed and written on the topics of consultation and collaboration between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous academics, curators and researchers. However, how do we want to work with each other as arts workers from different Indigenous Nations? How do we want to work with, and from within, our own communities? How can this work re-shape the way that our labour is valued, displayed, circulated and critiqued? How can it change the way future generations enter into artistic and intellectual work? And how do we care for ourselves and others within the complications of community life? Great Ocean Dialogues is an Indigenous-led gathering produced in partnership between the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones, SFU Galleries, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Several of the artists featured in the Great Ocean Dialogues have their work featured in the 2019 exhibition Transits and Returns at the Vancouver art Gallery.
SPOOX, Julia Feyrer & Pietro Sammarco, 45min-1hour
In this curated playlist you will hear a diverse array of audio submissions from past SPOOX episodes. Included in the collection audio by Baby Ziggy, Anonymous, David Barclay, Julia Feyrer, Pietro Sammarco, Michael eddy, Kahng He and Li Zenghui, Samuel Forsythe, Adrian Burrus, Christopher Olson, Erdem Tasdelen, Helen Reed, George Rahl, and Jo Cook. The playlist was curated by SPOOX founders Julia Feyrer and Pietro Sammarco.
Interview at Blacktown Native Institution Artist Camp, Leanne Tobin, 3min
An interview with Artist Leanne Tobin about her work titled It Starts Here, Now, a work that acknowledges the dark history of Blacktown Institute and invites the community to participate in the creation of a work as a way of making a gesture towards healing and cleansing of the place. 
Quiescence Exhibition Artist Interview, Burrard Arts Foundation, Holly Schmidt, 4min
Quiescence is a state of inactivity or dormancy; waiting for the right conditions to flourish. This short interview explores the exhibition and work of 2019 Burrard Arts Foundation Artist in residence Holly Schmidt. With a practice deeply connected to humans, plants and the constructed social systems that intertwine all beings, Schmidt describes how she created an otherworldly world of 'flipped topography' for her residency. Schmidt invites a more intimate contemplation of quiet beings that so often fade into the scenery. 
Songs from Why The Caged Bird Sings, Cheryl L'Hirondelle & Collaborators, 15min
Cheryl L’Hirondelle’s multi-year project Why the Caged Bird Sings – a participatory and community-engaged, five-day singing, songwriting and recording workshop that involves small groups of incarcerated women, men or detained youth along with their literacy educators and/or cultural programmers in federal prisons, provincial correctional centres and youth detention facilities in the land that is now known as Canada. The song lyrics created by the participants are strung together to create a narrative using consensus as a way to create equity so that everyone’s voice is heard and validated. Once recorded, mixed and mastered the songs are released as singles and shared with the co-writers, program staff and all project partners. Proceeds from sales are shared with all co-writers.
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