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deep listening.

From the hydrophonic sounds of the ocean and the soft lush sounds of rainforests to alarm-bells, ship steam whistles, birdsong and church bells, an eclectic and atmospheric deep listening compendium. Deep listening plays on Saturdays and Sundays on currents and waves.

download the Saturday & Sunday - deep listening schedules

Selected currents and waves audio that involves deep listening:

Badura Kamay Durrubbin [waters as sea and rivers], Venessa Possum, 3min
Listen to the sounds of river birds merged with coastal waves, Aboriginal language and modern distortions. In this deep listening audio Venessa is exploring a legacy of connectedness, her ancestors singing Country as rising tides of Kamay, otherwise known as Botany Bay to river tides of Western Sydney, Australia.

Drum Voices, Lindsay Dobbin, 13min
An audio work intended to transport the drum to a place before time. Both terrestrial and alien voices have been arranged to unfold as a mantra. 

RE:Sounding, James Nguyen & Victoria Pham, 21min
A series of soundings and discussions between James Nguyen and Victoria Pham that interweaves the complexity of repatriation of museum objects with Vietnamese identity, history, and diaspora. Through the sounding of ancient 2000-year-old drums, Nguyen and Pham breathe life back into objects that spend most of their time presented in museum displays behind glass. 

Sea Legs, Sarah Moore (Foreshore Listens Audio Zine), 40min 
Sea Legs is a Foreshore Listens Audio Zine Created by Sarah Moore. Sea Legs wants to hold you in the spaciousness of multiple past, present and possible future shorelines, and to give you the footing to see from there....

Talking Rain, Hildegard Westerkamp, 16min
Westerkamp explores the "raincoast" of British Columbia, listen to rain falling on plants, talking animals and many other inhabitants who are nourished by the rain.  

Tide Phase, Lou Sheppard, 1h55min
Tide Phase is based on the predicted heights of the tide at Baxter’s Harbour, Nova Scotia. Each 24 hour period is mapped to a musical scale, with notes corresponding to the predicted height of the tide. As happens on the shore each tide is layered on the tide before it, creating a phasic composition that reflects the cyclical nature of the tide itself. 

Wetland Senario, Musica Intima, 15min
A musical composition created by Stephen Morris and Mark Timmings Wetlands Scenario is performed by Musica Intima, the piece is based on the strict musical transcription of field recordings from a wetlands marsh based on Saturna Island. 

SPOOX, Julia Feyrer & Pietro Sammarco, 45min-1hourIn this curated playlist you will hear a diverse array of audio submissions from past SPOOX episodes. Included in the collection audio by Baby Ziggy, Anonymous, David Barclay, Julia Feyrer, Pietro Sammarco, Michael eddy, Kahng He and Li Zenghui, Samuel Forsythe, Adrian Burrus, Christopher Olson, Erdem Tasdelen, Helen Reed, George Rahl, and Jo Cook. The playlist was curated by SPOOX founders Julia Feyrer and Pietro Sammarco.

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